About Us

The purpose of the Bruentrup Heritage Farm is to preserve and tell the story of farming and farm life in the townships of New Canada and McLean

The farm occupies about 3.5 acres of a 32-acre open space site that is owned by the City of Maplewood. The Parks chapter of the updated City of Maplewood Comprehensive Plan indicates that the farm and open space site are a "Special Use Park." The city plans to select a name for the open space site and restore the cultivated fields to original prairie grasses and flowers.

The Bruentrup Heritage Farm consists of the farmhouse (original part 1890s, new part 1912), barn (circa 1900 - 1910), granary, metal shed/blacksmith repair shop, machine shed, and the bricks and front door from a smokehouse (will be rebuilt). Two other buildings from the original farmstead were not saved: machine shed and a chicken house/garage.

The saved buildings were moved from the original Bruentrup Farmstead at the southeast corner of White Bear Avenue and Lydia Avenue.

In May of 1999, the Maplewood Area Historical Society and the City of Maplewood succeeded in obtaining a $100,000 special grant from the Minnesota Legislature, to help in the relocation of the farmhouse and farm buildings. This money was matched by a donation of $100,000 (later increased to $150,000) by William and Raydelle Bruentrup to the Historical Society for the relocation project. The Bruentrups also donated the house and farm buildings to the Historical Society.

After the buildings were moved to the present site, the Historical Society donated the buildings to the City of Maplewood. The city now owns the buildings and they are covered under the city's insurance. In May of 1999, the city granted a conditional use permit for the Heritage Farm. In December of 2000, the city and the Historical Society entered into a 99-year lease, under which the Historical Society will operate and maintain the Heritage Farm.